ISSEY MIYAKE L`eau D`Issey Men - perfume for him

ISSEY MIYAKE L`eau D`Issey men for him was released in 1994 by Issey Miyake as a EDT perfume, the fragrance quantity is 125 ml / 4.2 oz.

  • Name: ISSEY MIYAKE L`eau D`Issey men
  • Designer: Issey Miyake
  • Introduced in: 1994
  • Perfume for him
  • Base notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Brazilian Rosewood, Oakmoss
  • Middle notes: Lily, Orchid, Ylang Ylang
  • Top notes: Mandarin Orange, Saffron, Thyme
  • Eau de toilette (about 10% perfume oil out of 125 ml / 4.2 oz)
ISSEY MIYAKE L`eau D`Issey men

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